Company Profile and Activities

Company Profile

SOVIMP Srl is an engineering and contracting company specialized in the design, construction, installation, operation and know-how transfer of complete processing units, acting also as main contractor for the grass-root turn-key construction of factories. The main field of specialization of Sovimp is the agro-food industry, where, in particular, proprietary processes are applied: other fields of work are specific applications in the chemical, chemical-textile and pharmaceutical industry.

SOVIMP has been established in 1994 as aggregation of professionals having operating experience in the design, the construction and the management of process plants in the chemical, the chemical-textile, the pharmaceutical fields , and, since 1999, in the agro-food field , thanks mainly to the contribution of experience brought in by the personnel recently broken off from a primary international main contractor active in such field.

The company has the certification ISO 9001.

Company activity

The activities of SOVIMP regard exclusively industrial productions and in particular the design, the construction and the know-how transfer for complete production lines, turn-key plants, grass root factories, special equipment, new production sections within existing factories, revamping of plants or section of plants, pilot plants and developing applied research programs.The activities of SOVIMP regard exclusively industrial operations and, then, in particular the design and the construction of special equipment, production lines, turn-key plants, new production sections, revamping of plants or section of plants.

Such activities can summarized in the following main categories:

  • engineering of the production units, related not only to the process units, but also to the required civil works, the connection to public networks, the generation and distribution of utilities, the storing systems, an eventual integration with farming activities connected with the factory;
  • supply of equipment and materials;
  • pre-installation and test at workshop of small size production lines and/or installation of the production lines at site maximizing the use of local sources;
  • put into operation of the production unit;
  • transferring the know -how required for a proper running and maintenance of the production lines;
  • accompanying the customer in setting-up the quality control system for a new production unit;
  • assisting the customer in the initial period of operation in order to get products in accordance to the requirement of the market.

The main activity of the company is then to offer to existing producers and to new investors an experience matured on the field in primary companies by qualified specialists: we are then in the position to give an overall solution to the most diversified technical problems that a production plant has in all its phases, from the project ideation to the design and the plant/factory construction, from the plant management to its expansion and upgrade, for a wide range of industrial application.