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> Date Juice Concentrate

SOVIMP has developed and patented a novel process for the extraction and refining of sugars from dates into concentrate or liquid sugar suitable for industrial uses, using the process rejects to produce animal feed by means of an innovative system.

  • Date juice concentrate suitable for typical juice concentrate application (fruit juices, jam, food component,...);
  • Date liquid sugar, that is date juice concentrated without color, salts, solids suitable for industrial application in production of beverages, juices, yogurt, fruit pastes, ice creams,...;
  • Derivative products from sugar juices like fermented products, fructose syrup, glucose syrup.
The main advantages come from:
  • Fully continuous system;
  • Low extraction temperature and low extraction of undesired substance with the sugars (pectins, flavonoids, solids...);
  • High extraction yield with low extraction and refining costs for the final juice concentrate.

Application from 150 kg/h to 7.5 ton/h of final concentrate, either date juice concentrate or date liquid sugar

2002 - Our first date liquid sugar production plant

The first plant for date liquid sugar production was started successfully in Bandar Abbas, I.R.Iran in 2002.

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