Foodstuff Industry
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Cannery - Preserved fruit and vegetable

SOVIMP realizes complete lines, of small to medium high capacity, for the preservation of fruits and vegetables by processing fresh produce into packaged products like:

  • Fruit under syrup, both of temperate and tropical zones, ..., and fruit salad, either canned or in jars;
  • Jam, fruit syrup, fruit pastes, honey in jars, tins or in single portions for hotel & catering;
  • Combined lines for tomato and fruit processing, both of temperate and tropical zones;
  • Rehydration and canning of legumes, like beans, foul madammes, chick peas, lentils, ..., and canning of fresh vegetables like carrots, peas, French beans, corn...;
  • Can making lines for the production of three pieces cans or two pieces cans serving the cannery.