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> Fish Farming

SOVIMP realizes complete plants for fish farming of sweet and salt water species. In particular a quasi-closed circuit system has been developed, characterized by very low water and energy consumption, used successfully with main commercial species including anguilla anguilla (European eel), acipenser species (sturgeon), oreochromis niloticus (tilapia), channel catfish, clarias (african catfish), dicentrarchus labrax (sea brass), sparus aurata (sea bream), seriola dumerili.

Two pre-engineered production systems have been developed for fish farming with closed systems:

  • Aquafarm, a pre-engineered system for small production units characterized by a basic production module with a capacity of -10 ton/year of fish, either as fingerling or commercial size fish;
  • Pre-engineered closed systems for large production units characterized by basic production modules with a capacity of 40 or 50 ton/year, according to reared specie.

Scope of supply extends to complete turn-key farms, including utilities generation: in particular a proper co-generation system for combined production of electricity and heat has been designed in order to suite the requirement of a closed circuit fish farm.