Foodstuff Industry
> Compact Food Plants

SOVIMP has developed small size plants for the processing of fresh crops into final product, particularly suitable for remote production areas, distributed and small crop collection points. The plants can be also supplied as:

  • Pre-assembled in section on skid units,
  • As a whole unit on skid or in standard box containers;
  • Pre-assembled in containers and mounted on trailers. In this case the plants can be completed with the systems for the production of the required utilities, such as electricity, water, compressed air, steam,, so that they can be autonomous.

Compact food plants as above described are available for the following products:

  • Milk processing plants for the production of sterilized and/or pasteurized milk, and/or the production of cheese, yogurt, butter;
  • Fruit and vegetable processing into juice, nectar, jam, puree, vegetable under brine or sauce, sterilized cans,…;
  • Meat processing into hamburger, balls, smoked meat, sausages,…;
  • Oil seeds processing into clear oil (sunflower, soybean, rapeseed, cotton seed, niger seed.