Field of activities

Foodstuff industry


Dates processing (fresh dates treatment, dates derivatives production, by-product valorization)
Fruit and vegetable processing and canning
Fish farming
Compact pre-assembled food plants
By-products valorisation (production of animal feed, active carbon,...)
Integration with farming activities


Production of sterilized solutions
Production of lyophilized products
Production of products in vials
Clean rooms
Various unit operations


Mass and solvent polymerization, distillation, solvent recovery
PU polymerization and drying
Production of acrylic polymer
PU recycling with poliols recovery
Various unit operations
Production of polyester and nylon polymer and fiber
Various unit operations


Water recovery systems integrated in the production process (agro-industry)
Cooling water, deionized water & process water
Steam generation and distribution
Production of technical gas (carbon dioxide, nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen)
Electric energy & Co-generation
Sewage treatment

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The main characteristics of SOVIMP is its global approach to the study of the industrial projects: its activity is then based on the concept that the... READ MORE.


Engineering for supplied production processes, Project Development, Basic design, Project basis, Detailed design, Project Management, Economic and financial project management, Technical management... READ MORE.


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