The realization of an industrial project requires competence in many fields and the coordination of many activities.

The role of a Main Contractor is fundamental in such cases, either this function is made directly by the investor with its human resources or is committed to a Main Contractor.

SOVIMP can offer the investor its experience of Main Contractor in the realization of small and medium size factories or in the revamping of existing factories.

This experience has been developed in many countries, in particular in developing and emerging countries of the Mediterranean area, Middle East and previous Soviet Union.

The complete responsibility assumed by a Main Contractor guarantees the execution of a project in respect of :

  • Conformity of final product characteristics with expected ones;
  • Production capacity and consumption norms;
  • Construction and start of operation timing;
  • Transfer of necessary know-how and training of the operating personnel;
  • Total project cost, which is definitely stated and fixed by a turn-key contract;
  • Introduction to markets of final products.

For further characteristics of contracting activity please refer also to How we work