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The main characteristics of SOVIMP is its global approach to the study of the industrial projects: its activity is then based on the concept that the industrial projects require the optimization not only of each single component but also, and in particular the optimization of the entire process: from the raw material supply to its processing, to the distribution of the finished product to the market.

Then, SOVIMP is ready to face projects requiring both vertical and transversal integration and it can deal with all the aspects regarding process, logistics, economics, finance, operation, marketing ,....

What above is based mainly on a solid knowledge of process engineering, on the availability of the know-how of many production processes, some of them developed internally , and on the capacity to manage complex systems.

Close and long-lasting relationships with primary national and international operators guarantee the access to the most up-to-date technologies and process developments which really represent the state of the art and, moreover, to the final product markets.
Moreover, SOVIMP can rely on a deep knowledge of the market of the manufacturers, which are selected to obtain the best cost/performance ratio, to the final benefit of the Project and of the Customer:
Not the single machine but its integration in a complete system is privileged, taking into consideration at the same time not only the technical aspects but also the financial, marketing and management aspects.

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